THEUNITGAL's Shop Announcement


Offered here are true vintage items, perhaps items you once had or remember your mother or father having when you were very young. These items often unlock memories.

You will also find some true vintage items that have been rescued, then reconsidered, re-imagined and redrawn with passion and delight. They live in the "Vintage Reborn" section.

And you will find some handmade, ARTISAN jewelry: expressive, unique, vibrant, engaging and alluring: always eye-catching.

Each and every item is special, and only items that tickle me, whisper in my ear and move me line the shelves of this little shop.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Come. Visit. Listen to the little bell above the door jingle lightly when you push the door open.

There's a fire burning, and the kettle is on.

Stay for a cup of tea.


The quotes for shipping are strong estimates based on experience, however, they sometimes end up being higher than the actual cost to ship is. I WILL REFUND ANYTHING OVER $1.00 IMMEDIATELY after I package, weigh and formally calculate postage.



I ship ONLY within the United States and to Canada, France, Australia and the UK.

I have just added France to the "ship to" list, so, if you are from France and want to order something and don't yet see a shipping cost, please convo me so I can provide one to you. Thank you.

I do not ship to Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, the Netherlands, Mexico, the Middle East, Spain, South America or any other countries.


Your treasures will be carefully packaged and shipped as quickly as possible. I ship often and always tell you a) when I will ship and b) send you a shipping transaction and tracking number AFTER I ship (the same day). If you have any problems, please notify me so I can swiftly address them. Thank you!

You will find shipping costs on GLASS and CHINA are reasonably high. This is because they weigh much more than other items, and I am sure you would prefer to receive them in one piece rather than a hundred. Should the cost of shipping be less than stated, the overage will immediately be refunded to your PayPal. Due to the HUGE rise in shipping costs, I have had to raise my shipping prices on all items to keep in concert with this. I will ALWAYS refund any overage in shipping cost. Always.


IF you have a problem, please contact me immediately. My history is superb in terms of communication with customers. I strive to please you on all fronts and NEVER ever ever misrepresent my items! I will always give refunds or exchanges for reasonable reasons.

If you are a customer who just adores leaving negative feedback for spite, please do not purchase from me: it is not worth my time, or yours.

If something is lost during shipment, I am not the post office: I did not lose it. I always provide a tracking number and a shipping notification when a package is sent. I pack carefully and check and double check addresses before I ship. I do not ship anything in a very small package that has a larger tendency to GET lost. Therefore, if a package is lost, it is not my responsibility to refund you any money.

OFFERS: Reasonable offers are always entertained and responded to.

A NOTE ON VINTAGE: Vintage is...vintage. It is old. It is likely used. It is likely more delicate than new pieces, though also, very likely, made better. We do not clean antique jewelry. That is left to the new owner. Please be aware that used items may carry with them visible reminders of their journeys through a long span of time. I think of these as fine wrinkles, gained through a lifetime of experiences.

I only wish I could hear what they had to say about them.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.