TNTdollclothing's Shop Announcement

ALL DOLL CLOTHING ORDERS TOTALING OVER $50 will receive a free patchwork doll quilt as an extra gift! Enjoy!

Check there for more notification of updates to the shop :)

For new listings I am updating my allergen warning. I have been in a smoke-free home since December 2012. There is a chance some of my fabrics were in my previous home, but most of my items are now without contact to cigarette smoke.

For list of known doll types my clothing fit, check my policies. If my clothes fit your doll, please let me know what brand and model they are!

TNTdollclothing's Shop Policies


I enjoy sewing and try to put forth my best quality with every item. If I wouldn't put it on my dolls, I won't sell it.

The following list is only partial, I only know what people tell me as I don't own that many dolls myself! So please send me a message and let me know what fits!
All pants are made a little long to avoid floodpants when the doll sits down. Long sleeve shirts also made a little long so when the arm is bent the whole wrist doesn't show.

The 70cm shirts have been known to fit Dollfie Dream girls with large busts.

My 60cm items are confirmed by me or by buyers to fit the following:
Dollzone 60cm, Luts/CP Delf, Unidoll UH-60cm, Fantasy Doll, Bobobie 60cm, Angel Fantasy, Migidoll's 60cm boy body, AOD boy body
Senior Delf is now confirmed to be a good fit!

My Pants are also confirmed to fit CP/Delf girls, but are long in the legs.
Shirts fit all 60cm as far as I know.
Nightshirts fit SD girls better than boys, and are a little short on a taller male body.

60cm Pants do NOT fit:
Volks SD13, though I can make new pants with a bigger waistband upon request
B&G boys are too skinny and swim in my pants
Crobidoll, I've been told the pants are too small
DollFamily-H is a little tight, but I can make new pants in the Volks SD13 size that fit.

My 45cm items are confirmed to fit:
Bluefairy, Kid Dollmore Dolls, Older model Kid-Delfs, Goodreau resin dolls, AOD Angel of Dream.

Shirt will fit all MSD sized dolls, but may be a little baggy on slims.
Pants DO NOT FIT SLIM MSD DOLLS! These are standard for MSD sized, not slim sized. WILL NOT FIT MINIFEE DOLLS OR UNOA!
*My Pants have been confirmed to fit NL/No Souldoll bodies, however they do get a little floodpants when seated and occasionally the fly snap could pop open when the doll bends. Dollzone MSD are also fine in the waist but the legs are a little short.

45cm Nightshirts are fine for both girls and boys.

Yo-SD shirts fit all 27cm YO-sized dolls as far as I know. A little tight on Dollzone BB tinies and a little baggy on the skinny dolls like my Lady Saiyuki's Hanyuu.
Also confirmed to fit a Kaye Wiggs, Cinnamon doll, 5StarDoll, a little big on Honey Delf.
I don't make Tiny pants because I can't work that small!

Please let me know if you own a different doll from what's listed here already as to whether my items fit or don't fit so I can update my list, thanks.


Paypal payment is preferred but I will accept money orders. NO CHECKS NO CASH. I will also accept credit card payments directly through Etsy.

Payment required ASAP but will wait up to one week if you must delay. 2-3 weeks MAXIMUM includes mail time for Money orders.


Most doll clothing items are small enough to ship first class in an envelope. DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IS INCLUDED, thanks so printing my shipping labels and postage directly through Etsy.

All clothing is put into a plastic baggy for safe keeping. Bags will be placed into envelope or box for shipping depending on amount of items sold. Will ship within 5 days of payment received.

Refunds and Exchanges

If item is received damaged I will remake if possible or refund or replace with similar item per discussion. No refunds simply because you order the wrong size. Doll sizes clearly stated. You pay return shipping in case of return items, but please discuss any problem with me first.

Additional Policies and FAQs

My home contains a cat and a dog. No matter how much I try it is impossible to avoid pet hair entirely.

I have been in a smoke-free home since December 2012, but there is still a chance my fabrics had contact with cigarette smoke from my previous residence. Everything is pre-washed but could still be an issue for those with allergies.

I will gladly make custom items, but please understand I may not have more of the exact fabrics I have already used, nor be able to get more. I DO have a very large variety of solid colors to make t-shirts out of, with any image you'd like added to the front if you send me your picture!
$10 for 60cm or 70cm custom shirts, or $8 for 45cm, or $6.50 for Yo-SD; any solid knit any sleeve length, with any image you'd like!

70cm PANTS are no longer being made in advance, but please know you CAN order them in either Dollshe or Dollzone 70cm size. I have the patterns. Custom orders can usually be completed within 2 weeks at most, barring any disasters.

Last Updated August 2, 2014