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Large Loving Family Provides the Inspiration <3

My goal is to create quality jewelry that communicates an emotion, that connects families and that helps you to express your love. During the hand crafting process my thoughts are focused, on my work but also on the meaning of the piece. I am always moved when considering the lives it will touch. It is a precious keepsake and I am honored to have made it. Hopefully helping you or the person you are gifting it to, to feel more love, inspiration, empowerment or strength whenever it's seen or worn.

A little bit about me: I am a mother, a wife and a passionate mid-lifer! I have eight older brothers and sisters which makes me number NINE! With a family name of Thompson and the first name Terri, it only made sense that I name my company TNine. It exemplifies what means the most to me, my greatest blessing, my family!

Always being creative, I remember sitting around the table with my older sisters teaching me how to paint, crochet, needle point and embroider, but when I discovered the art of jewelry making it was like I had found myself. It was a perfect outlet for my creativity. In fact, it is thanks to my large family that I became a jewelry artist! It was Christmas and as always I was looking for meaningful gifts to make for everyone. I stumbled on the coolest hand stamped metal that had personalized elements and knew I could do that. And I did! and it propelled me down a path that I never expected. Within nine months I had quit my corporate job as an accountant and began making and selling jewelry full-time. I am self taught and driven to continually improve my knowledge and techniques. I use only quality gemstones, crystals, fresh water pearls and various metals to handcraft your jewelry. ❤

Please stay a while and browse around my site. Whether you purchase or not, thanks for stopping in and enjoy your visit.
Terri Sands
Owner, Maker, Designer, Photographer, Marketing Manager, Purchasing Agent, Shipping Agent And Accountant

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