I have put the soapbox away! I will only say that I have been lampworking since 2000, been selling on that "big" auction site since '98. Been with Etsy off and on since, well, I can't remember the original date, but it has been a number of years now. Not always under the name trappedinabead because I woke up and realized one day that the general public thinks lampworking has something to do with fixing or making lamps. But I have gone back to trappedinabead. Had to add 2012 to it because "that username has already been taken"...DUH!! Oh well, what's a little progress and upgrading going to hurt, right?? Anyhoodles, I work a Hot Head, the smallest and least "hot" of all the torches; it is also loud and slow, but that is ok because for the most part I am also loud and slow!! And even tho it is a small torch it does what I want it to do with no complaints. I refer to my studio as the "saltmine" as only a slave would work as hard at making glass beads as me and my torch do!! All my beads are made with German, Czech, Italian or U.S. made glass ( I started out in glass as a stained glass artist; it was the leftover pieces of stained glass I refused to throw away that led me into bead making) and I anneal them in a digitally controlled kiln.( I have ten digits and it only takes two of'em to control the kiln!!) I also clean all my beads with a diamond drill bit in a rotary tool to obtain as clean and smooth a bead hole as I can accomplish.