TachiEars' Shop Announcement

Tachi Ears, "the original magnetic" cat ears! These are amazing cat ears you can wear on anything! Since they use magnets, it's as easy as attach and go!

Tachi Ears are magnetic, attachable, detachable, bendable and changeable. Tachi Ears are the perfect accessory. Why buy one hoodie or headband with cat ears permanently attached when you can buy one pair of Tachi Ears to put on ALL your favorite hoodies; headbands; hats; headbands, etc and then remove if needed (use your imagination).

All our Tachi Ears can be worn on one thing, detached, put on something else and then be taken off whenever you want - the perfect accessory! We offer 4 different styles, with a large variety of colors to choose from. Tachi Ears are not a one-time look. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for what's up and more!


How to wear Tachi Ears:

♥ Place one ear on top of hoodie, hat, etc.
♥ Underneath your chosen item, attach 1 magnet tab to the corner (end) of the ear.
♥ Attach another tab to the other corner (end) of the ear.
♥ Repeat on the other ear.
♥ Attach and go!