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NOTICE OF SHIPPING DELAY: Orders of Supple brown leather could be delayed due to back orders with our supplier. Larger orders can be delayed until May. FREE SHIPPING on regular stock leather items with-in the continental US. Our regular stock leather is 100% genuine leather (never bonded), non-toxic, eco-safe & USA MADE. Even the cows are American made. Why choose our leather over the competitors? Because we always put quality and your health before our profits. Read on.....

A lot of leather suppliers mark their bonded material as "real leather". Notice the absence of the words "genuine leather"? These imported products are typically created from ground up leather bits. This leather "waste" is then bonded with harsh chemicals and a plastic mesh center that holds it all together. You can identify this leather by it's cheaper price, it's lack of a traditional leather smell, and it's clear lessor quality feel and lack of durability. If it does not say "GENUINE LEATHER" (specified by the FTC to be 100% natural, un-bonded leather) chances are good that it's a bonded substitute. This is why these leathers tend to "break" or crack when bent. In addition to the toxic bonding materials, some plastic coatings & petroleum based dyes can also be highly toxic! The plastic-like bright colors found in most imported leather supplies are created using a plasticized PVC coating process that has not been properly stabilized to prevent leeching of toxins into the skin. The "P" in pvc is the plasticizer that is leeching into virtually everything it comes in contact with. Even the air we breath. "Phthalate" is linked to breast cancer, diabetes, and birth defects. Because of it's bond to leather, it breaks down very quickly. I never suggest a child, or pregnant or nursing mother wear any leather that is not 100% genuine, non toxic and USA made. 85-90% of all Genuine leather is either using a vegetable tanned or highly stabilized chrome tanning process. In this process either vegetable based products or trivalent chrome is used because it is highly stable and will not break down or leech out of the leather. Studies from 2004 show that many imported leathers are tanned with an unsafe, less stable form of chrome, in addition to the plastic coatings, that will leech out. When it comes to our *regular stock leather jewelry supplies- you can trust Tafuri Leather. We do the research & create only the safest products possible, partnering with the best USA leather tanneries in the nation.

*Please note this statement applies to our regular stock leather. We cannot guarantee the chemical content of exotic leather remnants or bulk leather scrap. Although we always try. Non-toxic listings will be labeled as such. In the mean time, if it smells like glue and feels like plastic, we recommend tossing it into the nearest incinerator. Trust your instincts. Leather should only feel and smell like... well leather. ;)

Wholesale Welcome! Bracelet Blanks, Leather Jewelry Supplies, Flat Leather Cord, Leather by the Foot, Pre-Cut Cuff Blanks, Tafuri Tough™ Cuff-End Leather Clasps, Exotic Leather Supplies, Tools, Rivets and more! See Tafurious™ Leather Accessories at:

Tafuri Studios is a family operated studio in Spokane Washington. We are proud to be a leading source for high-quality, USA made leather jewelry supplies. See our new shop section for bracelets "Ready to Ship" on the next business day! All other orders are shipping in 3-5 business days.

Policies and Leather Information:
Orders with out details will be cancelled with-in five business days. For QUICKEST shipping, provide all details upon ordering.

Additional fees apply for custom work & sizing. We process orders as they are received. Please allow 3-5 business days for regular orders & up to 3 weeks for custom or wholesale orders. Orders with out details are cancelled with in five business days. This is to protect our seller needs, and ensure that we always provide the product you want, in a reasonable amount of time from the date of purchase.

Wholesale buyers can apply to purchase wholesale at Minimums apply.

Look for our tool kit in our store for photo's and tips. For a very small investment, you could be adding your beads, metal and fabric to our bracelets, using riveting methods, or tying with sinew.

Leather is great for screen printing or image transferring, laser etching, tooling and more. Add stamps, or hand cut intricate shapes. Paint using acrylic paints, sharpies, or staz-on inks. Add spots or rivets for a trendy look.

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