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The way you design the space around you, makes a difference!

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that concerns the different ways in which you can organize your environment.
It assumes that the right balance between colors, shapes, symbols and materials can influence a more balanced conduct of life in general.

The ba-gua ( or pa-kua ) is a grid of nine squares by which you can divide any space – a house, a room, or even a desk. Each square represent a life situation or aspect, and has its own elements – unique colors, shape, materials and symbols.

When you want to enhance an aspect in your life, you may pay attention to the specific area of your space that corresponds with this aspect.
One of the ways you can "cure" this area, is to add the right colors, objects, symbols, and materials to it.
These nine pictures are my personal interpretation to the nine ba-gua areas, and you are invited to use them to design your surroundings.

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