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Introducing TangoBrat Rescue Dolls!

Knitted scarves, hats, cowls, dishcloths, washcloths, shrugs, texting gloves, fingerless gloves, nose warmers and who knows what else! All of my items listed are ready to ship!


I don't use needles when I knit. I use rakes and looms. Here I share the items I make in my spare time when I have spare time. I will be adding different things from time to time because I see a ball of yarn and just start making something so usually it's not "planned". Check in frequently, since you never know what I will be listing!

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Loom knitting is an ancient art that has recently seen a resurgence with the Knifty Knitter and In the Attic Looms. It has been known by many names throughout history: frame knitting, rake knitting, ring knitting, box knitting, bung knitting, spool knitting, reel knitting, french knitting, loom knitting, knitting in the round, knitting board. Perhaps even Penelope knit the Shroud of Laertes on a knitting loom!

Looms were used during the Middle Ages in France, Britain, Germany and other parts of Europe to knit tasseled caps, shawls, petticoats, blankets, stockings, bags, purses, sacks, nets, hammocks and curtains. It's believed that the apprentices of Guilds knit the carpet required for their Master on frames (knitting boards) as well.

Something similar to knitting looms were used by the Amerindian tribe, Taulipang, of the Roraima Mountains (between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil). They used a separate rod for each horizontal band of the fabric — — essentially a knitting frame without a base! Other Amerindian tribes which knitted with rods include the Arecuna, Macushi, Patamona, the Palikur, Uaça and Warrau. It’ is believed that these tribes' discovery of knitting was not connected with the Eurasian tradition.

Why is loom knitting becoming popular again? It could be because it's a fast and easy way for someone to get into knitting. The stitches come out even your first try. It's also a way for knitters who have mobility issues such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome to continue with the craft. Loom knitting and needle knitting both have their strengths — there's no reason why you can't do both!

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