Vintage Rustic and Handmade by Tante Annie's Maisonette

Norman at dinner time
Inspiration comes from what we love.
Rust and crystals. A vintage brooch displayed on one of our horseshoe brackets.

Almost life in the country

That's Grey Cloud playing art director in the center of our picture. We have two kitties, the other one is Rogue. We live on a mini ranch on the edge of Los Angeles, with three horses, Norman, Gandolf and Apple. We lost Cole Porter who you will see in some of our listings, two years ago. And we have little ranch dogs, Gino, Oso, Whisky, Dolly and Lilly.

We love it here with the sounds of goats and chickens next door, horses clopping up and down the street in front of our home and an occasional private biplane overhead. We are growing herbs and peppers and have two mini apple trees and hopefully an avocado tree that makes it though the winter. At night the stars start to come out and bats fly their floppy flight overhead in search of tasty bugs.

So how did we get here? For a number of years we were selling our vintage pieces online, but we wanted a place that loved artists and vintage. After looking for about a year, we found ETSY! A place that encourages artists and small shops and community. Perfect.

We love to collect all things vintage particularly very old things, useful things, well used things. If it is Victorian, Edwardian, or Country we love it! It just seems right to share. Everything we offer here is something we would keep, or already have, or use ourselves.

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Please visit again. Love and Peace.
Anne Krall
owner, It's complicated
Artist, gardener, auntie, collector.