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Hello Felt Fans,
I wet-felt balls and all sorts of fun items. Wool so colorful, happy, warm -n- cool. It's ALL NATURAL! Wool is meant for creative people like me who truly LOVE creating beautiful decorative art that can take a beating! Wool can breathe & has a memory.
~ "Balls TO BE" ~ Felt is basically tangled wool! Wool is wonderful because it quickly conducts heat, it repels water, it floats on water, and it is fire retardant. Wool is 100% organic to nature, so it's 100% PURE & NATURAL. Organic materials offer artist like me the ability to create almost anything!
I like to focus on creating perfect 3D circle forms. Balls are cool and my balls will give you endless pleasure. Felt offers you GREAT POTENTIAL in so many aspects of life! The range is so broad I don't even know where to begin.

~ " How I DO IT" ~ I transform high quality carded Merino wool roving into handmade felt by compacting the wool & carefully needle felting 3D shapes. I finish off by " wet-felting" my "needle felt" pieces. This transformation process is called " fulling" which is a steady and controlled rock & roll pressurized hand motion with the help of a hot water sudsy bubble bath & wash. The wool's density thickens to become felt!

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Handmade felt has a fantastic because of its soothing body feel on your skin. Do you know that felt is the ONLY SEAMLESS fiber material on this ENTIRE Earth? It's TRUE!
I love color. Color is motivating,meaningful & memorable because it activates people's sensory nervous system. Color is truly addictive! I am promoting color addiction because it's easy on the eyes and mentally stabilizing.


BIG KID BALLS - 26 mm - 32 mm (1.22 inch)
$4.50 for 4 = $1.12 per ball, (10 grams)
BIG MID Medium BALLS - 33 mm - 38 mm (1.44 inch)
$7.80 for 4 = $1.95 per ball, (12 grams)
BIG MOM Large BALLS - 39 mm - 43 mm (1.55 inch)
$10.00 for 4 = $2.50 per ball, (15- 20 grams)
A ping pong ball is 40 mm

$1 per ball / 10 balls for $10
A dime is 17.5 mm, about 5/8 inch = a regular gum ball size + extra
A penny is 18.8 mm, about 3/4 inch = a blue bird egg size
A nickel is 21.1 mm, about 7/8 inch = a red fire ball jaw breaker
A quarter is 24 mm, 1 inch = a LARGE gum ball
$4 for 4 = $1 per ball
Prices all differ due to size variation & time into detail design work

EARTH BALLS take considerable time to create:

A Regular BIG KID size (32 mm) is $9 each
A Medium BIG MID size (40 mm) is $13 each
A Large BIG MOM size (43 mm) is $15 each
A Large BIG MOM PLUS Size (50 mm) is $18 each
A XXL BIG MOM PLUS Size (70 mm) is $22.50 each
A XXXL BIG MOM PLUS Size (90 mm) is $45.00 each
A softball is 90 mm / 3.5 inches wide

"Fulling Rock & Rolling"
- Wet-Felt shrinks the wool transforms PUFFY soft wool into FIRM soft felt
1.shrinkage is a part of the process
2.felt is STRONG & washable
3.felt WILL NOT fall apart.
4.Kids DIG clever VISUAL EYE CANDY full of happiness and color!
5.TWEAKING your brain for endless imagination is GOOD!
6.ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE so start right now.
7."Wet-Felting" = A HARD core, HOT water, RAW wool agitation.
8. It's A TRUE ART FORM, the raw wool turns into felt, or tangled wool! Felt is hand washable and easy to wash & rinse.
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1 pound = 16 ounces
4 ounces (1/4 pound) = 113 grams

2 SUSHI ROLL BEADS weigh 1.5 grams.
They float & same with ALL wet-felt balls.

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