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Food Decorations, Cupcake toppers, cookie decorations, and edible cake decorations. EDIBLE PEACOCK FEATHERS, edible butterflies and more. WSDA Licensed & Inspected. Tasty Prints are flat printed edible decorations.

Tasty Prints have been featured in American Cake Decorating magazine, Edible Artists Network magazine, Smart Success Magazine, Borrowed & Bleu Wedding Blog, top party planning blog by Australia's "The Little Big Company", called "The Best Wedding Cake Decorations on the Web", seen on, Polyvore, pinned thousands of times on, numerous more blogs and coveted by event planners, professional bakers and hobby bakers around the globe!

I (yep, just me :) ) custom make each and every Tasty Print! I take great care and pride when creating every order. Tasty Prints' studio is inspected and licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture to ensure that my facilities exceed the highest standards for sanitation, cleanliness and food safety. I only use premium quality FDA approved ingredients in my products. When you order from my shop, you know you will be getting the absolute best edible decor that has been created for you in the cleanest and safest environment.

For Edibles:
Tasty Prints take edible printing to a whole new level! My patent pending process allows for intense looks like you have never seen before! Most of my designs are created on my exclusive Tasty Paper. This superior edible medium allows for intense color and intricate designs that are easy to handle. If you don't see what you are looking for please convo me with your request. You saw them here first!
(Tasty Prints, HD Tasty Prints, all photos and the process of creating my products are fully proctected by US copyright, patent and trademark laws)

Many Tasty Print designs are my original photography or art while other images are created by talented graphic artists and reproduced with permission from the artist.
I offer custom designs and photos. Please convo me with your request.

* Please review my shop policy page before placing your order. When you order from Tasty Prints you have acknowledged and agreed to all shop policies. They can be found here:

Due to the nature of food coloring all colors on the computer are only a representation. Your actual images will vary. Tasty Print designs have been tested for color and the photos are the actual product. Many colors will change in appearance as they are exposed to the air, heat and light. Tasty Prints are made with 100% FDA approved products and are produced in a WSDA licensed studio. All Tasty Print products are flat edible prints that are designed to enhance the look of your dessert.

I ship USPS first class mail to your Etsy/ Paypal registered address. Tasty Prints take time to make. All orders are ready to ship in 2-4 business days. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days for transit time. Most USA orders will arrive within a week but please allow up to two weeks. International orders may be available by special request. All sales are final.

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TastyPrints' Shop Policies


Precision cut edible decorations for baked goods. Home of edible butterflies, edible peacock feathers, cake wraps and unique cupcake toppers.
***Tasty Prints is a WSDA licensed food processor.***



Payments are processed through Etsy Direct Checkout or PayPal. Your order will not ship until your payment has cleared. Echecks through PayPal may take up to a week to clear.

When you purchase from my shop you agree to all of my policies. Please read them before ordering.

All sales are final.


Orders are shipped USPS 1st class mail with tracking. Orders typically take 3-5 days to make and an additional 4-6 days for shipping time.

All USA orders are sent with tracking. When USPS scans your package and updates the status as "delivered" it means that you have received your order. I will not issue any refund or remake/ resend any order that has been scanned delivered. If this situation arises you will need to speak with your local post office. This policy is cohesive with Etsy Terms of Use.

If an item arrives damaged you MUST contact me via convo and attach a photograph of said item with in 24 hours of the package being delivered by USPS. The 24 hours starts at the time your package is scanned "delivered" by the post office. After 24 hours no claim will be honored. In the rare event that I need to remake your order I will only resend your original order. You may not select a different item.

Tasty Prints will be shipped to the address that you provide at checkout. You may not contact me and request a different shipping address.

Refunds and Exchanges

If an item arrives damaged you MUST contact me via convo and attach a photograph of said item with in 24 hours of the package being delivered by USPS. The 24 hours starts at the time your package is scanned "delivered" by the post office. After 24 hours no claims of damaged product will be honored.

In the rare event that I need to remake your order I will only resend your original order. You may not select a different item.

Additional Policies and FAQs

About Tasty Print decorations:

****Tasty Prints are FLAT printed edible decorations!!!!

Tasty Prints is inspected and licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

1) Can you eat the whole thing?
Yes! Tasty Prints ™ are shipped with a thin piece of non-edible plastic in between each design to prevent them from sticking together. Once you separate your Tasty Prints ™ from the plastic dividers everything is edible. Wafer paper decorations do not have plastic dividers.

2) What do Tasty Prints ™ taste like?
Many Tasty Prints ™ have a light sweet vanilla flavor. Remember that Tasty Prints ™ are food safe decorations and are not designed to be eaten alone. They taste much better along with your favorite desert! Decorations made from wafer paper have very little flavor.

3) How do I store my Tasty Prints ™?
The best way to store your Tasty Prints ™ is in their original heat sealed food safe packaging. This special bag includes a resealable strip. If you open your bag and do not use all of them, make sure the zip strip is tightly closed to keep the others fresh for a later date.

4) Do I need to refrigerate my Tasty Prints ™?
No. Store your Tasty Prints ™ at room temperature.

5) Tasty Prints may react to moisture changes in the environment and curl a bit. Often times they will relax on their own after a few minutes of acclimation.

6) How do I use Tasty Prints ™?
Tasty Prints ™ can be used in to many ways to count! Apply to your favorite cupcake by inserting into or on fresh frosting. Stick to fondant covered cakes with buttercream, crisco, corn syrup, piping gel or commercially available edible glue sticks. For buttercream cakes you can apply Tasty Prints ™ directly to the buttercream. Another idea is to use a dab of corn syrup to hold the design to a glass or serving dish.

7) What will ruin my Tasty Prints ™?
Water! Water will make the food coloring run. This includes condensation from the fridge! It is best to apply to the food item just before serving if your dessert requires refrigeration. Prolonged exposure to light will cause the food coloring to change color.

8) What about allergies and Kosher?
Tasty Prints ™ do not contain eggs, diary, nuts and they are gluten free. Tasty Prints ™ contain Kosher ingredients but are not certified.

9) How big are Tasty Prints ™?
Every design is different. Please contact me if you require specific measurements

10) Can you make custom Tasty Prints ™?
Yes! Send me a convo! I will gladly make Tasty Prints from any image that you own or have written permission to use. I will not make Tasty Prints from licensed, trademark or copyright protected pictures.

11) Do Tasty Prints ™ melt?
Heat and humidity may soften your Tasty Prints ™ and cause them to wilt. Water will melt your prints.

12) By placing an order with my shop you agree to all terms and conditions set forth on this policy page.

13) How are Tasty Prints ™ packaged for shipping?
I ship Tasty Prints ™ in a heat sealed food safe bag. You will receive your order in a padded mailer bag or a box (for larger orders). Larger orders may be packaged in a gift box.

14) When will my Tasty Prints ™ arrive?
I typically make your order with in 2-4 days. Once USPS has your order it may take an additional 4-10 days to arrive. I ship via USPS first class mail unless you select and pay for another shipping method. The average transit time is 5 days but I can not guarantee this will be the same for your order.

15) Why do my Tasty Prints ™ look different from the picture on my computer?
Every computer screen is different. Some screens change the color of pictures and you don't even realize it. Just look at the difference between your phone screen and your computer screen. Also, environmental factors like humidity, light and temperature affect the color in Tasty Prints ™.

16) Why does my custom print look different from the picture?
See #15. Also, edible inks are very different from traditional ink. Edible inks often times err on the side of green. So, black may look like it is a very very dark green or blue and other colors are affected as well. In general your design will still look great. I always runs test print before filling your custom order. I do not offer refunds or remakes for color changes or variation. This is an inherent characteristic of edible printing.

17) Tasty Prints ™ and all designs, photos, listings, and written material are property of Tasty Prints, LLC and copyright protected All right reserved. Tasty Prints ™ are patent pending. Many Tasty Prints ™ are original photography and the designs may not be reproduced by anyone other than Tasty Prints, LLC.

18) Tasty Prints are only printed on one side. The reverse side of the image may be white or have "Tasty Prints" printed.

19) I do NOT claim that Tasty Print edible decorations are 3D. They are flat edible prints that are designed to be consumed with a dessert. Each decoration is unique, hand made and may vary slightly from the photograph in my listings.

20) WAFER PAPER SUPPLIES: Please make sure that you are familiar with the inherent characteristics of wafer paper before ordering it as a supply. It curls, warps, melts, shrinks and can be tricky to work with. Convo me with any questions you have regarding this material.

21) I reserve the right to refuse service and issue a full refund before making and shipping your order.

22) Orders of higher monetary value will require a signature at the time of delivery.

Seller Information

Tasty Prints, LLC
Inspected and Licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture

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