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6 months

How pretty are these! Matching necklace and bracelet set in beautiful Majorica Pearls, with a Heart and Arrow feature clasps. Perfect Bridal jewellery. A touch of class to finish off that Wedding outfit. A perfect romantic gift whatever the occasion.

8 months

Vintage Trifari Jewellery. Classic Elegance? .. A Demi Parure set to add that touch of sophisticated glam to any outfit.

11 months

This gorgeous Art Deco Dancing Lady figure has a dual purpose, maybe more! Made as a candlestick or a stand to hold a bowl aloft...but with a little bit oh ingenuity it could also be used as something else. It would make a fabulous lamp stand!

2 years

Timeless 1920s Elegance. Rivière Open Back Crystals Necklace.

2 years

Fabulous matching necklace, bracelet and brooch jewellery set. Gold tone and set with faux seed pearls.. Classic glamour from the 1960s

2 years

Glam up your winter wardrobe with this stunning vintage statement brooch and earrings set by SPHINX.. Any collector would love this Peacock Blues set amongst their collection!

2 years

Ho Ho Ho it's a jolly crochet Santa! Wall / or door hanging Christmas decoration. With bells on his hat and bells on his toes you shall have music wherever he goes!