TechnicolorSquirrel's Shop Announcement

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~One of a Kind Festival Clothing and Dream Coats For The Discerning Squirrel Since~
Technicolor Squirrel is a place for sweaters to go when their initial sweater career had ended. Rather than being destroyed, tossed in the dump or left to languish in the bottom of a lonely closet; these sweaters are lovingly rescued and given a second chance as beautiful, hand crafted sweater coats, leg warmers and other one of a kind creations. Nothing in our shop looks like anything else we carry and that is what makes us stand out!

Technicolor Squirrel is dedicated to the rescue of healthy sweaters who still have a long and loving life ahead of them and who would like nothing better than to become a productive member of your family. Technicolor Squirrel guarantees that all rescue sweater coats have been fully screened and trained to never chew on your favorite shoes or pee on the rug. Our rescue sweater coats have been lovingly taught to provide stylish warmth and comfort for the length of its life so please adopt a Technicolor Squirrel sweater coat today!

I would also like to thank the mother of the Reconstructed Sweater and Threads, Miss Katwise! Her designs were an inspiration to me and have given me an opportunity to work while I battle Grave's disease! Thank you for inspiring me and paving the way for those of us
who follow, Katwise!" See her lovely shop here