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Use a soft tape measure to measure the smallest part of your wrist.... ( in between your hand and arm.) I will be listing new pieces after thanksgiving. If you are interested in Boulder Opals please be aware before you buy them that they are not perfectly cut stones. Some are wavy, pitted and the color parts of them are in matrix. Their combination of crudeness and color is why I love them so much. If you like a perfectly cut and smooth stone, don't buy them. Boulder Opals are very expensive and ones with a lot of flash and color can run into the hundreds if not more. I try to buy the most beautiful for the money and even then I do not make much of a profit on them. A lot of the opal dealers drill a hole because a good portion of jewelry makers string and don't set stones. I buy any nice opals I can get and set stones that are meant to be strung. The ones that are hundreds are also wavy, in matrix and are not perfect, they just have lots of flash and color.

When I make the bracelets I refer to my piles of stones that I have been hand picking for many years.I usually go by color and spend hours matching stones , shapes and colors.I then make the silver elements and compose a bracelet.It is tricky trying to balance the stones and make it fit. I especially like the bracelets that are asymmetric but even then, I have to make them so they are balanced.
I set every stone and make every element. It's just me doing the work and designing each piece. The bracelets are tedious but satisfying to me when I finish. The most important thing to me is that my customers are happy with their purchases.
I sell locally so if you see that something has disappeared it probably has sold at my studio. You can inquire....I may have it .

Please measure the smallest part of your wrist to communicate your size. I will work the bracelet so it fits ....adding or I can make the bracelet smaller without losing any pieces from the bracelet. You can use a soft tape measure. If the bracelet needs to be made larger I will enlarge at no cost but please do not request a certain element or stone, I will work the bracelet as I see it and the space I need to fit in a piece. . Please trust me to make the bracelet work, it is usually a small space that has to be re-worked.
I will take returns on pieces that have not been on reserve for longer than a week. Please contact me the same day and I will give you a refund as soon as I receive it. I will give you three days for shipping priority and will not refund shipping costs.
I will reserve with communication for no longer than two weeks, and please don't request a reserve unless you are positive that you want it. I'm always making new pieces and I feel that reserving a piece is a definite sale because it takes that piece out of commission. I do not do layaway. I have decided not to do any special orders unless they can be easily done!! You can ask for a kind of stone or color but I cannot repeat sold items.


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