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Hello, I am Joan Allisen . Welcome to a part of my life that seems to keep calling me back.

I created Tenderlane Boutique for the fond memories of a simpler time. Here you will discover vintage items that have been tucked away for years. Treasures that deserve another chance to be loved.

I showcase vintage pattern’s, clothes and lingerie and accessories that make you feel like a lady. My new venture is creating Vintage Style Dresses from original classic patterns with new fabric which has become a real hit. I have been so blessed to meet a terrific seamstress that understands my visions with the old patterns and newer fabric combinations. I pick the patterns and fabrics and she brings them to life with perfection. The New York Times just had a big write up about this new trend. So much fun!!

We don't claim to be tailors. We do make custom dresses to your size but there will be a chance you might need slight alterations as in ordering any dress online. We design them so they are made to be easily altered.

My Mom, Irene, taught me how to sew and embroider which ignited a love of creating with fabrics and patterns. I can remember selling Barbie doll clothes to classmates in middle school for 50 cents, too funny! I’ve made clothes for myself, my daughters and friends over the years.

I have had many different jobs in my life from coaching gymnastics, working in doctor’s offices, to television producer and having my own craft and antique stores. Currently I am a wedding videographer and editor which is an art but I still have a fire to design, create and restore.

Not too long ago I was showing my granddaughter, Victoria, my collection of linens and embroidery. Some of these were passed down from my parents and grandparents. Having thought that these were all sewn by out by a machine, she was surprised when I explained that they were so delicate and special because they were hand made. I told her she is almost 10 now and it’s time to teach her how. It makes me feel sad that this generation is missing out on a beautiful lost art.

As someone who loves to find new uses for things, I am bothered when I hear that people throw out old linens or when they are damaged beyond repair. Alas- we still push forward!! There are many that can be saved and re-invented to be enjoyed once more!! I collect pieces that I find and enjoy restoring them to original condition, or as close as I can get. They can become parts of clothing, curtains, pillow cases and other crafts. So here I am completely addicted. I never know what I will be inspired to make next.

I have rented a space at a local antique store in my town called “Uptown Market Antiques and Uncommon Goods” here in Wilmington NC where I showcase these items for sale. I also make little dresses out of hand stitched vintage linens from tea towels, tablecloths, pillow cases, hankies, bedspreads, fabrics- whatever I can find.

My goal is to honor women, past and present that put their loving time and talent into these items. It makes me happy to see them appreciated again, hopefully a new heirloom.

I thoroughly enjoy watching shoppers as they reminisce with such fond memories. Everyone that visits my shop is guaranteed a smile.

Thank You So Much for stopping in...

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