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2 months

Save 30% off your order of $10.00 or more for the month of January! Use this code at checkout: JAN2017

3 months

This one of a kind hand-stamped zipper pull is the perfect small gift for those who love to travel or just dream about it!

6 months

Add this to your purse or bag for instant personalized class!

8 months

Have your own inspirational phrase stamped onto these tags to make your own bracelet or necklace more special. If you want a hole at both ends as pictured, just indicate that at the time of order.

8 months

This #personalized #button would be a great way to brand your own line of clothing, knits, etc.

1 year

Personalize this for your princess. I can add her initials to one of my hand stamped jewelry tags. Think how special she will feel!

1 year

Great for personalizing jewelry, party favors, etc. How would you use them?

1 year

These went out a few weeks ago. I love the uppercase/lowercase unblock font she chose along with right justification. These would be great for jewelry, key rings, zipper pulls, your imagination is the only limit!

1 year

These are a great example of what can be done with these jewelry tags.