TercerMano's Shop Announcement

In addition to my Etsy page I keep a blog at, which often carries items that need to be printed in custom sizes. Check it out and let me know if anything there is of interest to you.

All of the decoupage or collage work is original and done from second-hand materials. The giclee prints are of archival quality from an outside third-party professional print shop. Most of the travel photos were taken in Brazil, but many are local, and some are from a safari trip to Kenya and Tanzania, as well as France, Arizona and New Mexico. Only a small portion of my portfolio is found here, so if there is something else you might like, send me a message and I'll check the archives and post the closest item I have. You won't know if you don't ask!

All prints are available in larger sizes. If you have a special request please let me know. I am also doing prints on canvas, with medium added on top for texture, and in many cases carved out to provide a 3D and shadow effect. I have posted on my blog where you can find me if you'd like to see me in person...which would be great!

Thanks for stopping by.