TexasEarthChild's Shop Announcement

When I was nine years old my grandmother showed me how to crochet and when I was twelve my mom taught me how to sew. Now I search thrift stores for yarn, thread, fabric, and clothes that just need a little something else to make them wonderful. I like to add something old-fashioned to modern styles and I feel that crochet is a beautiful touch to what was a plain T shirt.
As a farmer I am always needing to carry around tools and a place to wipe my dirt covered hands. I made myself what I call my “seeding apron” out of a pair of worn out carpenter jeans. Now I couldn’t live without them! I put seed packets, pens, a knife, band-aids, and anything else I need in the pockets when I’m in the garden and far from the house. My hope is that other gardeners will benefit from these aprons also!