I am OBSESSED with Indiana Jones. It reminds me of my childhood and I guess somethings never leave you :)
I now design chainmail peices. Originally I made chainmail for my IAMAZON collection. Visit my website for more info.
Bouquet charms double as necklaces, or select as a special gift for your Bridal Party. All designs are my own.
Under the Sun orginal painting, love the colors and energy in this one. It was a joy to paint.
Every Amazon needs a place to stash her precious items! Personally handpainted by me with love <3

How did I get here?

Well the story is this! I went to a friend's art gallery opening and he was introducing me to his family. Of course I'm all decked out in my usual amazon attire, feathers and beads in my hair and so on. He mentions to his wife that I make all of these things in addition to my art and that I sell them. Hmm.. I wasn't selling them. I made them for myself. I do sell artwork for private commissions, tattoos and so on. But I never thought to sell my jewelry. Another friend inspired me to create and BAM welcome to the wonderful world of ETSY. I do love my online shop and I have recently started attending craft fairs and the like. I am hoping to find my audience and continue running this store for the rest of my days.

If you do buy from my shop I do wish to thank you. You are helping me live my dream of making art for a living, while not having to sacrifice watching my son grow up. All my items are handmade with love, care and quality. It is after all a part of me. Thanks for stopping by :)
Jennifer Amazon
owner, designer
Hello there! I am an Amazon of all trades. I have created all that you see in the shop. I am always looking for something new and different to create. Everyday is a chance to make art, love the people around you and find an adventure.