TheArtofSports' Shop Announcement

It gives me great joy to be able to make something that will be special in someone's life...this is why I do what I do...and enjoy it..If you don't see want you are looking for just email me and I will see if I can help you out..

These are not licensed wedding garters but they are handmade with licensed fabric. I am not affilated with or sponsored by any sports organization in any manner.

Here are some feedback responses they buyers have left me..

Customer appreciation:
She loved it, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks you so much! This is for making a Christmas gift. You are helping with making our first Christmas memorable! Thank you.

It arrived and it is cute!

Thank you! That was so quick. I saw the photo and love it! I cannot wait to use it!

Love the garters! Thanks so much!!!

Thanks so much. They're precious!

I just ordered it! Thanks again so much for making this specially for me, you do great work!

Just saw the posting... love it! Thanks so much!

I appreciate your timeThank you very much. The pictures and style of the garter are beautiful and EXACTLY what I envisioned for our special day.

Thank you! And beautiful garters by the way. By far some of the nicest I've seen on Etsy.

I really love your husker garters!! Please let me know I would really like to be able to get these garters!

I just purchased the VT garter set for my cousin who is getting married in June. I forgot to request that you put a white rose on each of the garters. Thank you so much! Your work is beautiful!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I am sooo happy with my purchase!! I absolutely love love love it & I know he will too!! Thank you so much :-)

Your garters are the best I've seen

Thank you very much, I received them today, they are wonderful :)

I received the garters over the weekend. They are perfect and my sister (the bride) loves them! Thank you!

I just saw it! I will go ahead and order it this minute. It looks AMAZING exactly what I had imagined thank you so much Jan!!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I received the garter set today and it is even more than I could've imagined. My fiance is going to love it! I had such troubles finding someone to customize the pens/steeler and I am so happy! Thank you and I will definitely keep your name and company in mind for the future!

The Auburn garter was perfect! My husband was surprised and happy when he saw it! Thank you so much!! I know the photographer took a picture of it with the shoes and the ring so when I get that I will send it to you! I will be leaving wonderful feedback fro you. Thanks so much!!! : )

Thank you so much for helping avert a "fire" with my daughters prom today. I received them as scheduled and they are just beautiful.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

I received it today and I LOVE it!!! Thanks for adding the feather, my future Red Sox Husband will be pleasantly surprised on our wedding day!!! Thanks so much!!

Thank you! and Thanks for making such cool garters!

They are great! Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that my sister received the Cubs/Cardinals garters and she wanted me to send you some great feedback, she must love them! Great Job!!

Received my order today!!! They are beautiful! I love them! I couldn't be happier!! Thank you!!

Got it and it fits great, thanks so much

You have great garters and in searching ALL OVER THE INTERNET your shop on Etsy was mentioned a few times- i see why. (i'm not buttering you up to make me a garter, just letting you know your work is being recognized). :)

Thank you so much for making me those garters - I absolutely LOVE them!!!!LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you!


I got the garters yesterday! They are perfect! Thank you so much!

Thanks, these are SO adorable. I absolutely love them. They are for my son's wedding. A surprise. Perfect.

Awesome thank you so much. You are amazing! :) take care and God bless!


I love it!!! I wish I could wear it everyday! haha. Thank you so much, it is perfect.

I have received the fabric and love it. Thank you so very much

I will make sure to take a photo for you and write a great review on Etsy – you have been wonderful!!!

Ohhhhhh!!!! It is awesome!!!! I ADORE it!!!! Thanks so much Jan! You’re the best!!!!!

I received my garters in the mail the other day!!!! I love them! Thank you SO much!!! I'm so happy!!

Jan I love it!!!! Thanks so much for everything!!!! You made my wedding complete!!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you so much! I absolutely love my garters!!

You are amazing! I ordered in the AM, and by the end of the day, you have is in the mail to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! AAA+++

love love love it!!!! Thank u!!!!!!!_____________________________