TheBIG8s' Shop Announcement

China is full of real and beautiful vintage items. Plates, radios, clocks, bags, cameras, toys and more, TheBIG8s is devoted to find them, restore them and put them on Etsy for all vintage lovers.

Sometimes our stuff comes from creepy Chinese flea markets that you wouldn't find in any tourist guide, sometimes from old people's houses, and sometimes are old stocks on forgotten warehouses.

All of them are carefully picked and we always make sure not to have any fake copies, and we guarantee that if you ever find out we have sent you a fake item, we will refund your purchase immediately.

However, it's hard to provide with specific dates about most of them, as information is lost or never existed, and we collect them from old Chinese people's memories. Many times, that's all what we have : )

Hope you like it!


Nuria and Damon

TheBIG8s' Sold Items