TheBlueOwl's Shop Announcement

Welcome to The Blue Owl .

We specialize in quality, handmade, and historically accurate 10th -16th,17th, 18th, and early 19th Century reproduction clothing from the finest natural fabrics and trims. Natural fabrics are pure cotton, wool, linen, and silk, which do not contain polyamides such as polyester blends or nylon. We constantly strive to keep the quality of the workmanship and fabrics top notch while at the same time maintaining affordable prices.

We offer high-quality, bold and unique designs that are truly flattering. Clothing goods including soap, silver, clothing, beads and other sundry items.

We have been involved in re-enacting since 1992. We have seamstresses that have 30 years in the business. If you attend living history events in the Midwest you may see us. We are busy almost all year long attending shows in Ohio and Michigan.

The Leelynn closet
Visit our vintage closet for OOAK items hand made such as Bloomers and upcycled sweaters! Tie skirts and such. Felted Purses and Hats. Made with a lot of Love and Time. Custom orders are accepted but reserved.

Elf Closet
Each Blue Owl creation is pieced together by hand; using all recycled knits and fabrics. I try to make everyone as individual as you are.

Each garment is prewashed & preshrunk before reconstruction, however, since each creation is composed of multiple garments, it’s hard to be sure of the exact fiber contents of each one. To be safe, all items should be hand-washed and laid flat to dry or machine wash on the gentlest cycle & air dry (no heat) in the dryer. It takes me around 12 hours to complete a Elf coat.