TheBohemiansLeather's Shop Announcement

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Hello and welcome to The Crafty Bohemian! My name is Jamilah and I'm a two time cancer survivor (currently managing my third), house wife and devoted crafter. Everything I create, I create myself and myself alone. For me, crafting and creating something unique is my means of stress relief, pleasure as well as career. I find great pleasure when I'm able to make a product for some one and making their day!

When I craft something I try to craft as "homemade" as possible. I treat my own metals, hand sew leather items, dry my own herbs, fruits and vegetables for natural colorants or for their herbals properties, etc. I LOVE working from the ground up. It's always nice knowing exactly what's going into what and being as natural as possible.

I am the proudest mama of 3 absolutely amazing rescued companion kitties. With this being said, my leather comes from cruelty free tanners, my soaps, lotions and hair care products are completely vegan and I do not purchase ingredients from anyone that tests on animals!