Sharing my love of vintage items with you!

I have always wanted to own a vintage shop. I love curating items, whether for myself or others. The thrill of the hunt is such an exciting process! I know my obsession with vintage treasures would make my house a hoarder's paradise, so having this shop lets me feed my desire to search for awesome things and sell them to you! Once in a while, I'll even sell my own personal treasures to make room for something new. It's all a part of the fun! Buying vintage is the ultimate recycling program!

I also love to be creative, and now I've started listing my own paper art pieces. Each one is hand made and signed.
owner, curator
I am a full time retail manager with a love of vintage everything! I want to share my love of vintage treasures with others.

I love old black and white movies, 80s movies, reading, and spending time with my family.