artwork by Hannah Bailey

Tools of the Calico Canvas
Old treasures and New Ideas

Studio Tour

On my bookshelf "How to be an Illustrator" sits next to an old webster dictionary, spine taped up and pages cut out. An old wood chess case filled with treasured rocks, secret notes written in pig latin, and my first New Testament Bible occupies the top shelf. In my kitchen I have a drawer just for tea, it's not big enough. In my studio I have a shelf with stacks of folded fabric scraps that never stay tidy. These are the things I turn to when I sit down to make something.

Here on Etsy you get to see my studio without all the mess! Lucky you.
Hannah Bailey
owner, artist, Marketing Department
Raised in Arkansas surrounded by forested hills that are for me a playground, a refuge and an inspiration. My story as an artist begins with fairy houses in my back yard and continues now with oil paintings and favorite scraps of fabric.