TheCandyCoatedShop's Shop Announcement

SUPeR CUTE double-sided KATZ! PILLOW created by artist/designer Candy Coated (formerly Candy Depew).

This cute pillow is a life-size graphic replica hand screen-printed on sturdy canvas weave cotton fabric. Even cuter is that it is double sided.

KATZ! is Candy's cat. She was abandoned on the street in Chinatown, Philadelphia at the beginning of February near lunch time with people everywhere. A man that lived on the streets

We have a limited series of 100 of these lovelies and looking forward to selling out for her good causes; profits from each sale go directly to supporting art education and solving homelessness for cats one at a time!

Over the past year Candy has spent time working on mural projects with/in Philadelphia while living in San Franciso in a cute mini-house and loving Ocean Beach. She loves color, pattern, design, and is inspired by nature, decorative art, living in cities, bike rides, and bits of philosophical wisdom.
See blog for current happenings.