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IT'S All "ABOUT COIN RINGS" The Coin Smith skillfully handcrafts vintage silver and modern day coins into beautiful heirloom quality coin ring jewelry. These double sided coin rings have a true timeless flavor that attract buyers from every age group and gender.............. "NO ONE MAKES COIN RINGS LIKE THE COIN SMITH"

The Coin Smith's double sided coin rings stand out from others for two reasons. First, The Coin Smith uses a better grade of coin. He only chooses coins with nice clean details that will be expressed in the final product. Second, through years of silver working experience The Coin Smith has perfected the process of turning a coin into a beautiful coin ring (not an easy task). We think you'll agree, that the quality of the coins used and superb workmanship come together nicely.

Don't miss the interesting story behind how and why The Coin Smith started making these unique coin rings, read about it in my ((Profile)).

Each ring starts with a hand-selected circulated coin from decades past, then using techniques perfected through years of practice, the flat, round coin is skillfully crafted and shaped into a 3-D ring like that pictured above, retaining the coin's individual characteristics both inside and out, it is then sized and finished, either polished to a high gloss or accent polished to retain the coin's natural patina (toning). We apply a clear jewelry sealer to coin rings made from non-precious metals like nickel, copper and brass. This helps preserve the finish and makes it possible to wear these rings even if you are normally sensitive or react to these metals. Each ring will come with a handsome velvet draw string pouch, suitable for presentation.


Why not order a custom ring as a gift or handcrafted and sized just for you? The Coin Smith can make you that perfect ring in as little as a week or less.

We have a wide variety of U.S. and foreign coins and dates to select from. We can fit Men, Women and Children from size 1-20 (in 1/4 size increments).

* Quarters can be made into sizes 4 - 8.5
* Half Dollars into sizes 8-13
* Small Dollars into sizes 7-10
* Large Dollar coins into sizes 13-17
* Nickels can be made into sizes 4-6
* Dimes can be made into size 2-4 and into delicate toe rings. You can even arrange for a matching "His and Her Ring Set" or have us make you a ring from a coin you supply.

Contact "TheCoinSmith" for availability and cost by using the (Contact) link on this page.

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