TheCuriositeer's Shop Announcement

Wearable Curiosities. Oddities and Wet Specimens. Jewelry and decor for the mad scientist deep in us all. Here's a flashlight, now lets take a walk on the dark side....

Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, in my shop is, or was ever, killed with the intent of it becoming jewelry or a display piece. All the specimens you see were killed as a byproduct of the food, fur, medical, or pet store trade (or sometimes simply roadkill). I am simply picking up the pieces, preserving and presenting them so they can be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come, rather than left to rot or otherwise ground up and destroyed :)

NOTE: I will not be reserving anything anymore. I'm sorry, but I've had too many people not return for things I've held for them. Thanks for understanding!

ALSO: I do NOT do custom orders. It has just never worked out right. What I have listed is what I have available. Please do not ask me to recreate a previous piece. If I have the supplies I MIGHT make another, but I don't like having to do it on command.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.