TheDaysEndStudio is taking a short break.

We will remain closed a wee bit longer...
The move did not go as expected and we're still digging out from the mountain of boxes... slow and steady!
But we WILL be back!!! <---said in our best-est Terminator voice

Looking forward to a Bright Shiny Future working out of the *new* Days End Studio!

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TheDaysEndStudio's Shop Announcement

Days End Studio is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Specializing in Recycled Mixed Media work, also Greeting Cards, 4 X 4 Art, Postcard Art and other Paper Goodies.
Our Motto:
Reduce, Reuse and Redecorate.
Using up as much 'junk' as we can...
Always striving to re-beautify with items that would otherwise go to waste.
For example:
*Almost all of the 'Paper Art' is created and/or mounted on Cereal/Cracker Box Board.
*Our children are very, very careful about not leaving broken toys they want to keep lying around, if we find them they become Craft Materials! ;O)
*Any Handmade Papers used in work are saved scraps, pulped and made into new sheets of paper.
*Friends and Family know where to drop off dead electronics, rusty stuff, board games/toys missing pieces, broken jewelry or Holiday Ornaments and anything of possible interest... HERE! They check in with us before tossing.
Ya' just never know what could become ART!
Days End Studio is a Family venture consisting of:
Sarah: Artist, Designer & Make-it-Happen Lady. Often referred to as having ADAD (Attention Deficit Art Disorder) because She's always up to something Art-sy.
Greg: Master Builder of Bases, 'It needs a Power-Tool' Guy, Postal Dude and Main Cheerleader. :O)
The 4 Minions, er… Children: Idea Bouncing Boards, Small Task Doers, Occasional Artists and Inspiration to Keep Going.
We're open and friendly... if you have any questions please, do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to 'Etsy-ing' with you