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The ffrench family started making calendars way back in 1970 when John and Primm were newly weds. Now the endeavor is headed up by Crispina ffrench and Sofia Hughes, Primm and John's daughters. Our 2015 calendar is our 44th edition and we are printing 2000 of them this year. (That is A LOT of printing and we always sell out!!)

Every year family members design twelve monthly images.
Crispina (that is me) has designed January, (with a nod to Felicitas. Felicitas, is our older sister who has lived, the last 10 years, in a state of fogginess with very advanced Multiple Sclerosis. Each year there is a month made in her honor using some of her amazing line drawings from years gone by as inspiration), I also designed February, and November.
My kids, Ben, age 20 designed July this year while we spent a couple weeks in Kinvara, on Galway Bay in Ireland. Lucy, 7 made September this year, showing her love of animal husbandry. Violet, 6, drew our Happy Home, May image this year.

Sofie Hughes, my sister, handles all our customer service and heads up shipping (which is QUITE a job!). She designed October for 2014. Lily her 14 year old daughter designed June 2014. She was inspired by her trip to Paris last summer!
We welcome Jamie, Sofie and Pat's newest addition to the mix this year. She is 6 and recently, officially joined our family through adoption (although she has been with us for more than two years). Jamie debuts with March!

Sad news from our end - Primm ffrench, our sweet mom, and beloved Grand-Ma passed away on April 30. Before she suddenly left us, she had designed three months of our 2014 calendar. (YAY MOM!!) Check out April, August, and December that she did.

So, if you can keep all that straight, you can see that this really is an old fashioned family endeavor.

People often encourage us to develop our line to include other products. Who knows what you will find here as we continue down our creative path. Ideas include on a line of cards, posters, twinkle lights folded origami-style from our strike prints and maybe even a desk calendar.

We bow in gratitude to you for your interest and undying support of our endeavors.
Crispina and the whole ffrench family

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