TheDragonflyDiva's Shop Announcement

Each dragonfly is an original piece of soft-sculpture inspired by the creations of the Nature Spirit known as the Dragonfly Deva. These works of art are hand-stitched and formed from new, recycled and dyed fabrics, specially blended sparkle paints, wire and foam.

They are meticulously and lovingly created with all the colors of the spectrum. These photos are but a sampling of the hundreds made. No two are alike. You can be assured of the uniqueness of your order. And each one comes with a colorful handmade gift-tag describing the background, use and care of the dragonflies.

Thousands of distinctly beautiful dragonfly species around the world have inspired peoples throughout time with their marvels of flight and survival of the eons. They are considered by many cultures to be significant tokens of spiritual, physical and emotional transformation.

If dragonflies have been showing up for you, look for something in your life that is changing or needs to change. You can let the constant presence of this dragonfly give you the courage to transform yourself further into your own beauty, success and freedom.

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