TheDustCollection's Shop Announcement

I started the TheDustCollection years ago for my own sanity.I have been in the jewellery business for many years. I found over those years I became increasing drawn to Vintage and Antique Jewellery. I love the rareness and just the feeling of times gone by this Jewellery brings to me. TheDustCollection consists of American Collectable Ranges, Juilianna Weiss ect. (I love these due to there classic well made caricaturists). 1960s Enamel Flower Brooches,(these are fun and seem to be many and varied in style).English Silver is a Great Love of mine .Birmingham in paticular .(I love the Anchor Hallmark and there seem to have been a huge number of makers with that Hallmark).
I also Create My own beaded Styles .I love Glass and Lead Crystal, faceted styles.I have also introduced a range made by a friend with has a lovely Vintage style,In Semi Precious Ruby and Emerald with 925Sterling silver...any way the rules dont always apply if I like it is the only rule I go by. I hope you like some of it too!