Handmade Wooden Toy and Cake Toppers

The Artist behind the magic.
The Creative Process, making custom Bendy Dolls.
Color enriches my work and helps bring it to life.
Wedding Cake Toppers...Personalized, custom made to look like you on your wedding day.
Creative play through the world of miniatures.

Artist with a Passion for Sparking Imagination in Kids of All Ages

You enter a quaint gift shop at the street corner. You see the gypsy-like shopkeeper, and she smiles at you as you walk further into the room. You feel like you have just entered into a place timeless, magical, yet familiar all at the same time. The woman raises her finger to her lips as if to silence you. Then she looks around the room and points to the back of the store. You see a large old enchanted cupboard with a vast amount of drawers and doors; you walk to it as sweet, whispered words fill your ears,
"Inside you will find your heart's desire!"

The Enchanted Cupboard is a small Woman-owned business started by Beccijo Neff for the purpose of creating handmade toys and educational items with an exceptional level of handcrafted/hand painted detail that would spark the imagination of kids while impressing their parents with the heirloom quality artwork and manufacturing.

Money made from my shop pay for the alternative treatments for my health care needs. Because I am in beginning stages of Kidney failure I can not take medication for my Lupus and other chronic illnesses. The treatments I need are not covered by our health plan and so I must rely on what my shop makes to cover my natural health care cost.
Every purchase helps me make a step in the right direction to living a productive life for as long as I can!

- All natural materials are used that avoid any of the lead-based or other toxic materials that you often risk when purchasing mass produced items which frequently come from less regulated overseas suppliers.
- Some of our wooden supplies, like blank wooden peg dolls, come from American companies or other USA wood works.
- Materials can be customized to look like you or your child or can be hand-painted to adhere to one of multiple pre-existing toy lines offered by the company, including Scaliwag Cove, The Fairy Ring and more.
- All items are hand-painted by an award winning artist with an exquisite level of detail and many are Waldorf and Montessori inspired.
- We are a family run business with part-time help from interns and family members. Our children love helping in areas that they can sorting, inventory, sanding, packaging, etc.
- All items are Made in the USA..
- As seen on: Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect,,,, , Fall/Winter 2011 issue of The Knot Chicago, AOL's AisleDash, Little Acorn Learning, and more.
Growing up on the top of Sunshine Mountain in PA, I spent my time in the woods and on the farm. I grew up finding ways to invent new things to play with. Today, I am a happy wife and mom, trying to find ways to bring that same enchantment to others.
maker, Wood working, Graphic Designer

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