TheEnglishEclectic's Shop Announcement

Eclectic eccentric Artisan jewellery handmade in England by a real celebrity ' Coco Star ', not only does she write and sing her own music but has been a crafts person since she was very young, treat yourself to something unique , which was made by the no1 pop star's own hands and who sang the massive worldwide historic hit mistitled 'Toca's miracle'....really titled I need a miracle by Coco 95'
Not many celebrities actually use their own hands to make their very own sculptures, paintings, clothes etc, she hand felts too, makes burlesque hats ,fasinators and has a BA Hons degree in Fashion and textile design! Have fun just browsing her shop and see just how different everything she makes is! buy yourself an Heirloom, if there is something you don't see that you would like, just ask and she will have a go at making it for you:). This shop is truly for all you magpies out there, that like something a bit different! and Quirky!.


Discover the whimsical and magical World of Coco Star's Crafts

I design, sew, paint and fabricate - find my creations right here! I often work on my projects in my hotel rooms whilst preparing to go onstage.
Once at home I make the bigger items, i.e canvas paintings, cushions, art dolls, hats, jewellery, needle felting, Gothic oddities, fairy furniture. I have always been addicted art and design.
I will be up cycling, recycling and customizing items also, I am VERY passionate about using old unwanted things and materials, including clothing and anything I lay my hands on that inspires me to do something with it.

Also I will be selling one off hats I designed and have worn on stage, also some dresses I wore on Top of the Pops and other TV appearances...these won't be a main feature in my shop, as I just like to vary making different things all of the time. So watch this space as you never know what I may come up with next!.

Each item will be completely different and unique from the other one, as I don't want to become a conveyer belt production machine. I make as I feel and then get the next idea going....exceptions will be made if someone wants the same again, if I can fit it in the schedule....I will try my best to make something very similar depending on what is requested.

Inspired by nature, living by the sea , picking up many natural finds traveling the World you will see these entwined in my work, as the title suggests I am the English Eclectic.
Fusing old & the new with my inspired thoughts...I would like to share it with you!. I am a typical Magpie!
Making and creating things gives me a complete buzz, a kind of serenity, it is my form of meditation.
Being a writer and singer is never enough, I have always been making and designing behind the scenes a long time before I had my no1 hit...I studied and qualified for over six years full time in Art Fashion/Textile and all aspects and styles in art and craft making .
I am so grateful to and my parents for inheriting their art skills as both my parents used to paint, sing and play instruments . My dad sings like Frank Sinatra and apparently my Great grandmother was an amazing Irish lady who could sing and really hit the high notes.

Love and Light

CoCo x

Thanks so much for reading about me and hope you enjoy looking through my shop:)