TheEyrie's Shop Announcement

THE EYRIE is currently selling out all stock, in favour of pursuing a dream and opening up a new all natural health and beauty shop. Please help us live out this dream and purchase from us! To help you out, here's a 10% coupon when you shop. :) Use voucher code: DIRTYCOYOTE

Unfortunately due to the new location we are only able to ship items out once a week when a trip is made into town. All items, both domestic and international, are shipped first class, with proof of postage. Unfortunately, with international orders I cannot account for the item until it reaches your doorstep - it's up to you to ensure your country's law.

Please note that I cannot ship any bird of prey feathers to the US - they are illegal to own there.

Hello and welcome to the Eyrie! All of the feathers, bones and fur used in this shop come from responsible and ethical sources - nothing is from factory farms, and everything is recycled or re-used in some way.

Feathers used here are mostly naturally moulted, though some come from responsibly raised or wild birds used for food, or culled for population control or pest problems. I believe passionately that no animal should suffer unnecessarily for human usage, and reflect that in the items in my shop.

I only use fur from wild animals - nothing from factory farms. The fur I obtain is either offcuts from the taxidermy industry, roadkill, population control or hunted for food. Nothing is specifically killed for the item it's been made into.

Each and every handcrafted item has been made with attention to detail and much passion and love, a passion to create items that both do justice to the beauty of the items from Mother Nature and puts a new and practical use to it, too.

Thank you for taking a stroll through my shop, I hope you find something that pleases you!
Much love,