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The Fairies Nest home to original cloth dolls from the Lands of Story and Enchantment!

I have been a doll maker seriously and professionally for more then 20 years; a skill developed from an acute fiber addiction that I inherited from my mom; an overactive imagination, reading lots of fantasy, and a refusal to "grow up" and stop playing with dolls! I've always been interested in needle crafts of all kinds and have spent many years experimenting and learning how to manipulate cloth and fibers; sewing, spinning, knitting, if it has to do with fibers I've tried to learn it.
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Each of my dolls requires many hours to make as I design and create each doll completely from my own imagination. Many of the dolls are made from the inside out without patterns and all have faces carefully drawn and painted by hand using no patterns or stencils. Because of this, no two dolls are EVER exactly alike, they are all one of a kind; like people, each has its own distinct personality.

I am a Froud Artist of the month and my dolls have been featured in several issues of "Art Doll Quarterly" magazine.

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Welcome to The Fairies' Nest, home to original one of a kind cloth art dolls... all designed and handmade by me!

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