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My Angel Readings

The Angels are here to guide us and help us along in our lives. In my Angel Readings, I channel personal messages by using automatic writing. It can be quite an experience to hear the words spoken directly to you from the spirit world.

Angels are higher beings of love and light who guide and protect us and we can get divine guidance and protection from them whenever we wish, just by asking for it!

If you want to find out your Angel messages you can purchase a reading of me and then convo or e-mail me with a brief introduction of your self and your first name. If you have any specifics in your life you want me to ask about, then state those too. You don't need to tell me much, just an outline. (If you can't think of anything, then I can channel just by using your name and age, this works fine too...)

Your reading will be done with care and love and total confidentiality.

Love and Light