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The Family Jewels

Once upon a time there was a young single Mother with two darling sons. They were very poor and she would get very depressed because they had no money. One day life changed and the Mother got a better paying job. She worked for many years in corporate America, got paid well, raised her boys and survived. But something was missing. She had a good job but it wasn't very fulfilling. She sat in front of a computer all day and dreamed of doing something different. By and by, she started teaching herself to make jewelry. Life changed....

Yes, that is my story. I read books, watched You Tube videos and visited countless websites learning the art of jewelry making. I am left handed and right brained. I am happiest when I am creating jewelry.

Several years ago I added customized glass tile keychains, pendants, dog tags, bracelets, pins, photos, etc. I have had the time of my life creating these precious keepsakes. Each piece is made by hand by yours truly!

I retired on December 2, 2013 and now am a full-time artist! My shop offsets my health insurance costs.

In June of 2015, I was lucky enough to get an article I wrote about my Etsy shop published in a local women's magagine (Queen of the Castle). Here is a link for your enjoyment

I love the Etsy community. Everyone is so talented and willing to share their knowledge.

I hope to continue learning new techniques and adding them to my shop.

I am most grateful to my wonderful customers. They make this all possible.

Virtual Hugs,
Mary Caldwell
owner, maker, designer

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