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Place your orders by Sunday 2/7 to make sure they arrive in time for Valentine's Day! (for U.S. shipping) Custom Jewelry & Handstamped Gifts! Lots of Valentine's Day gifts you can customize: unisex Fitness Gifts for my Fearless Friends whether your favorite workout is Crossfit, Martial Arts, Running, Yoga, Golf, etc. ♥ I love making Personalized Jewelry, too, gifts for mom, gifts for dads and all your Fearless Friends!

My current production time is 2-4 business days. ♥ This isn't your typical jewelry store! I call my creations ★METAL MOJO★ = FEARLESS, Family and Fitness Jewelry & Accessories that are all about EMPOWERMENT! I created it so you can celebrate all the strong people in your life! I don't use FASHION models to display my jewelry; I use ROLE models; REAL WOMEN and MEN who are REALLY FEARLESS, in their communities, for their families, doing what they do best: making a difference in the world! Check out the "Fearless Jewelry" section of my shop to see my FEARLESS Role Models!

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Hand-stamped jewelry makes a great personalized gift -- please read my Shop Policies for important information about materials, customizing, shipping, delivery times, refunds and jewelry care:
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Jewelry can reflect more than just style, it can empower the person wearing it. I'm inspired by women and men who are FEARLESS in life, love and adversity. Moms, dads, daughters, sons, teachers, athletes, volunteers, etc. People who embrace a challenge, overcome obstacles, pain, and suffering. ♥ My best friend battling cancer inspired me to open this store! ♥ Giving someone FEARLESS jewelry means you respect their strength and confidence, as they motivate others to live healthy and happy lives! Fearless jewelry makes a great gift for someone who needs a shot of courage OR to act as a little METAL MOJO whether you're training for a marathon, moving across the country, or preparing for a life-changing event. When my bestie was going through chemo, she described wearing her Fearless jewelry like she was putting on her suit of armor to prepare for battle! That's meaningful METAL MOJO!!! :)

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♥ Unless otherwise stated in the listing, necklace chains measure approx 17", but I can make it shorter or longer (up to 26"). If you'd like a different length, tell me your desired length in "Notes to Seller" upon check-out. If you'd like your necklace chain LONGER than 26" you can purchase this additional listing:

♥ I primarily use 2 types of chains: a 2mm rolo chain or a ball chain. The necklace pictured in the listing shows the chain you will receive. If your necklace comes with the ball chain and you'd like to upgrade to the rolo chain -- or if you want to purchase an additional chain (rolo or ball), you can purchase this listing at the same time you purchase your necklace: (See "Additional Information" in my Shop Policies for instructions on caring for your jewelry.)

♥ I recommend using polish pads on my hand-stamped stainless steel discs. The polish pads remove fingerprints and help restore shine. ♥ You can purchase them here:

♥ Around the holidays my shop can get crazy busy and my production time increases, so remember to PLACE YOUR ORDER EARLY!

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I also volunteer with victims of sexual assault & domestic violence. I do advocacy work, crisis hotline volunteering, and teach self defense classes ( I think it's important we support one another, care about our communities and use our voices to fight against intolerance. When we come together, we can all be FEARLESS! ♥ A PERCENTAGE OF MY PROCEEDS GO TO NON-PROFIT CENTERS THAT HELP VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT. ♥
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They say art imitates life, so what you wear should represent how you feel. Bold, beautiful and brave. Strong, sexy and smart. And sometimes, let's face it, life is just a pair of sweatpants and a chocolate stain on our favorite hoodie!

Visit my store often because I love coming up with new designs! Or message me about creating custom jewelry/accessories for you!

-Creatively Yours,
The Fearless Beader!

♥ B. Confident, B. Strong, and B. FEARLESS! ♥

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