Whimsical Art & Stationery by Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Printing stickers and labels.
Colorful supplies.
This is where most of my illustrating actually happens.
A corner of my studio.

From Dreaming to Doing

Back in May of 2007, I started this little Etsy shop with the idea of selling a few pieces of my artwork and hopefully one day quitting my day job. Gradually that little dream became a reality and in July of 2008, I left my day job for good. Since then I've been happily sending my art off to new homes all around the world!
Stephanie Fizer Coleman
Hello, I'm Stephanie Fizer Coleman.
I’m a children's illustrator, designer and generally curious girl living in lovely but misunderstood West Virginia. I'm inspired by music, vintage children's illustration & general cuteness :)