Geek Poster Art made to Stimulate Your Nostalgia Feels

Our new office space with better design and production capacity! We use high-performance Canon printers with giclee ink.
Printing on our Finestra brand Luster papers ensures long-lasting color and saturation up to 75 years.
Our packing regimen includes securing your order in weatherproof poly bags for humidity and damage prevention.
Each order is shipped in secure, damage-proof chipboard tubes.
The Geekerie is dedication to celebrating all things geek. We keep adding to our collection in hopes you add to yours

A Muggle Dabbling in Geek Wizardry

Since June 2011, we have been delivering creative, high-quality genre art pieces for a great group of customers. It continues to be my pleasure to work on custom orders, alterations and developing new items to surprise and excite our client base.

We began developing the store for a friend, as a method of instructing them on designing their own painting store. We seemed to hit on a niche that had not been served on Etsy. The Geek art market was still very much convention-driven and few artists were selling in the marketplace. Now there are dozens of stores offering similar options, but the Geekerie remains a leader in the community of sellers.

We've grown so much in the past few years from a small, single-printer business delivering a few prints a week, to a business with the capability of delivering dozens of orders a day. Thanks to the stability and power of our series of Canon Professional printers, we print our designs on Premium Fine Art Luster stock. Which -- along with our inks -- are archival and capable of lasting up to 96 years under glass.

Though we deal primarily with print products, we are conscious of our footprint and work with dye-based inks which are recycled and our packaging is made from recyclable materials. We hope you enjoy your time browsing the store and keep an eye out for exciting designs coming soon!
Chris Petersen
owner, maker, designer, curator, Shipper
Designer from the North, living in the South, trying to take chances with my work and create beautiful and simple genre pieces that marry modern design concepts with vintage execution.

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