TheGelCandleCompany's Shop Announcement

Our privately owned family business, The Gel Candle Company™ strives to create unique forever candles and true to life aromas in a cleaner and longer burning candle.

We use the only patented mineral oil based gel to create the longest burning type candle found in the candle market today!

“True To Life Aromas” – We take great pride in the scents we use in our candles. The closest true to life aroma you will find in the candle industry today.

"Gel Melts™" - Our company's famous version of wax tarts for aroma. Not only lasts longer but easier to use. Just peel, melt and enjoy the aroma!

“Forever Candles” – These are delicately handmade designs in gel separated with a second glass allowing you to burn refillable tea light candles. Clean up is a breeze, after use allow to cool, dispose of tea light and replace with another.

“Longest Burn” – Since our candles are made with white mineral oil this gives you the longest burn possible in the industry.

Our family business started creating gel candles in 2002. After years of traveling to craft shows throughout Florida and Georgia we decided to focus on just a few appearances and online clientele looking for high quality gel candles handmade in the USA.