TheGrassyKnollFarm's Shop Announcement

Welcome to The Grassy Knoll Farm Etsy Shop! Our mission at The Grassy Knoll Farm (Certified Organic) is to understand the deeper meaning of food in our lives by determining:
- Where does our food the things we use really come from?
- How does what we choose to put in and on or bodies affect our health, the health of the land, the community and the environment?
- What systems and companies are we supporting with what we choose to buy?

While thinking philosophically about food, we also like to have some fun! While being the brunt of many jokes as we entertain our family with antics of "learning how to be farmers", we not only create community around food and our products, but we also educate our family and friends about growing food, raising animals and sustaining the earth. We believe in this small way, we are helping not only sustain ourselves and our families, but also the earth.
Part of having fun is doing what you like! With our Etsy shop we are bringing you the goodness of our farm, our hand made items directly to you! Fun and funky crochet fruit and vegetable baby hats, bath and body products straight from our all natural,Certified Organic farm to your home! We look forward to bringing you more hand made items from our farm including gift baskets, paintings and paper crafts.
Visit our website: to learn more about us, and to learn about our growing season, fruit and vegetable offerings and farm stand. Looking forward to helping you feed your family!
Please visit our full farm website at

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