TheGussiedBead's Shop Announcement

Hello and welcome to The Gussied Bead! Hope you find something you adore and adorn yourself with one of my creations.

As you can tell, regardless of the medium, I love to play with texture, shape, size, and color. I like to take the ordinary and gussy it up to the unique and extraordinary. I love movement in a piece and resting spots for your eyes.

My jewelry is either one-of-a-kind or very limited edition and always made with inspiration and love. I find that if I try to speak to my material rather than listening to it that the piece just doesn’t work.

If you like my style but don’t find a piece that sings to you, please remember that I am happy to create a piece just for you. Please contact me via Etsy or my Facebook page.

Much of my jewelry is made with felted beads I make myself. In case you’re not familiar with the process, I start with unspun 100% Marino wool and fashion it into beads using the wet method. Basically, I cut the wool into strips, wrap them around themselves and then message the fibers together into a ball form using warm soapy water.

Beauty may come from the inside but it’s always nice to adorn the outside too!

Gussy up!

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