Specializing in things normally only found in dreams ;)

Simple Beginnings :)

As a son of an Architect, I've always been drawn to strong lines and the beauty they hold within their confines. I've been fortunate enough to translate this love to my fashion photography as well as my love for mid century furniture and home goods.

With that said, thrifting/picking runs in the family; my father is a thrifter, my grandmother is a thrifter, and so was my great grandmother Lucille. Its only natural that I carry on the family legacy and continue to treasure hunt! Here I am 22 years after taking my first steps inside a thrift shop, and now I have my own to call home.

*My Mission Statement:*

I sincerely hope that I EARN the right to be apart of your home or camera bag; without your love and support, I am nothing :) I pledge to be a positive aspect of the Etsy Community for years to come :)
Chris Cooke
Photographer by day, crafty NINJA by night.

~Specializing in Instant Film photography, hand made upcycled lighting, and mid century home decor

Check back often as I regularly update my inventory for your vintage addiction :P
Resident Mutt

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