TheHearthStudio's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my little shop! If you have any questions, please feel free to convo me.

The hearth conjures images of fire, light, warmth, good food, family, and friends. For me, a hearth brings to mind memories of Christmas at my grandmother’s house. The smell of sweet and savory aromas drifting from the kitchen, a beautiful pine tree lit up and sparkling, and laughter all around the house. In ancient times (and still in other parts of the world) the whole family gathered around the hearth, for it was the center and heart place of the home. It was also a welcoming beacon in the dark to travelers and visitors.

As time passed, especially in the city, the need (and style) of the hearth changed, as the need of the family and technology changed. Rooms expanded and grew. Fireplaces became central heating/air conditioning units. People gather around the television instead of the table by the hearth.

My arts and crafts do not make a home – only love can do that – but objects of beauty, comfort, and kindness can be welcoming and sentimental. I hope my crafts bring the essence of the hearth into your home.

Thank you and have a wonderfully colorful day!

- Christine Smith (a.k.a. Weatherly Smith)

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