TheHempHippie's Shop Announcement

All of our items are made from the finest, renewable, earth friendly, materials available. We like to be "tree free" as much as possible. Why buy Hemp? Keep reading. You may be surprised at what can be made from this amazing plant!!

1. Hemp grows extremely fast--just like a weed lol.
2. Hemp produces more fiber per acre than any other source.
3. Hemp is good for the soil! It actually leaves the soil in better condition rather than robbing the soil of it's nutrients.
4. Because of hemp's deep roots it can protect the soil from erosion preserving and building up the topsoil and subsoils similar to those in the forest.
5. Hemp is one of the strongest fibers. Stronger than flax and MUCH stronger than cotton.
6. T-shirts, jeans, sheets, exercise wear, lingerie, even wedding apparel, rope (of course), upholstery, and construction materials such as sub-flooring, shelving, and shingles for your roof can all be made from hemp.
7. Because of it's special properties Hemp is warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
8. Hemp is naturally anti-bactierial so it won't get that sour smell that cotton wash cloths get. Don't believe us? We'll send you one just to prove it! It's AWESOME! Convo us!

Did you know Hemp is NOT Marijuana? Get the facts and "Just say KNOW"!

So, why are we still cutting down trees and buying cotton or linen? Good question!!!

Do your part for our environment and buy only hemp products.