TheHipInHippie's Shop Announcement

Welcome friends and fine people of the world.
Imagine a world where you can design and wear retro kicks that are full of character and made with wicked love. It's not hard to do.
Check out my sketches, my custom sneakers, my color technique and my tattoo style then if you find this groovy shoppe too hard to ignore, send me a convo via e-mail or Etsy and feel free to ask me any questions and then we can put together your own unique hand-drawn one of a kind punked-out piece of art.

(For those who are wondering about my Increase in prices: the generic canvas shoe that I have been using for years has been recently removed from shelves permanently. I am now customizing and providing CONVERSE All-STAR Low/Hi top shoes along with custom TOMS. There is also an option where you can send me your shoes and I will customize them and send them so that they are now 100% personal, unique and YOURS. Please don't hesitate to ask questions etc. )

The more detailed you are, the more I can assure that you will FALL IN LOVE with your art.

I also personally collage sneakers, posters, album artwork, tattoo designs, decor, furniture, etc. and more if you ask.
Peace Love Art Music & Stay True 2 You. <3