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1 year

gift_heart Our scrumptious seasonal balm is back! Valentine's LOVE from THA >> // Peppermint Mocha Body Balm >> // Visit the shop to purchase some today for your love! gift_heart limited time only! www.thehomeapothecary.etsy.com

2 years

Eeek! We are excited to be sharing these! We have only sold these goodie boxes locally up to this point, or by special request.. but now, here they are for purchase! Tell someone special, "Hello!" with some THA love! two_heartstwo_heartstwo_hearts

2 years

>> // New kid on the block: Chickweed! Good for all types of skin issues and wounds. Check it out, next to our other herbal balms listed on the shop! Sales and giveaways: // >> www.facebook.com/thehomeapothecary // >> Instagram: @thehomeapothecaryonetsy