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Featuring fine art prints of paintings as well as handmade cards and such by Lisa Urban.

Lisa Urban is a recent BFA recipient of Kansas State University. As an avid knitter, her works revolve around the idea of creating surrealistic worlds made of knitted forms. She also creates smaller works based off the varying stitch designs found within knitting.

Artist Statement:
Growing up I was always interested in the illustrative and surreal worlds of cartoons, children’s books and Disney movies. The idea of sitting down and magically being transported to another world was something that I always found comfort in. I find this same comfort when I sit down to knit. No matter what is wrong, both of these experiences make me feel hopeful and magical. As an artist, I am combining these two journeys by recreating the spaces that have inhabited my imagination through the use of knitted forms in an environment. Knitted forms begin to take on a role as the characters to my story and the use of other props as well as colored light helps to bring together the entire scene. By the time I am through, I feel as though I myself have been transported to the animated world I created and can only hope the viewer feels the same

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